Support us on Kickstarter to help print copies of the graphic novel!

Hello! Hi, friends! A fundraiser  for Red: A Cyberpunk Fairytale is currently underway. It's a campaign in order to raise funds to print copies of the book. Check out the link and see the results of countless hours of drawing all kind of comic book stuff. I'm my own sweatshop boss lol.

Also, for those who are not aware, Kickstarter is based is an all or nothing model. So, if the full amount isn't raised we won't receive anything, which would unfortunately create what is referred to by doctors as "the ultimate saddening." So, please donate and remember that any amount will be greatly appreciated  You'll receive cool prizes like copies of the book, desktop wallpapers, posters, artwork, and more.

You can also help by sharing the web link to your Facebook walls, twtter or social media option of your choice. You can even share the below image on tumblr, Instagram, etc. Thank you and wish us luck!

-Daniel Velez


AD copy.jpg