Red: As a security officer trained in multiple forms of combat, Red’s duty is to keep high profile individuals safe from harm. Her bio-enhancements grant her increased strength and agility. As a young girl she has always dreamed of fast money, adventure, and excitement. Even though Red has a front row seat to that lifestyle, a series of tragedies has left her with an increasing sense of despair. Nevertheless, she still manages to maintain her razor sharp wit along with a no nonsense attitude.


Dominic Preston: As the former head of counter-terrorism for the government’s Homestead Protection Division, Dominic trained agents employing state of the art technology. In addition, his team of research scientists developed a way to increase a human’s agility and strength by using the latest in genetic manipulation. He's is currently in charge of the Canis Corporation's private security detail.



Reginald Canis: Head of the Canis Corporation, Reginald is a young man who has taken over the the position from his late father. Canis is a megacorporation that among it’s many market acquisitions, is the largest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals worldwide. In sharp contrast to his father, Reginald is loud, brash, and flaunts his extravagant lifestyle. He has big plans for the company now that he’s in the driver’s seat.



Adam:  Jack's father and Military veteran. Adam became a self-imposed exile from what he feels is a corrupt society. He and his band of followers live in an area known as The Woods.



Savoir Faire: He is a reporter who previously made a name for himself in the entertainment news & now works for the prestigious Blitz News Network. Savoir’s news program, Loud and in Your Face, is one of the most popular mainstream news programs in the country. A popular segment of his show called The Fairness Report teams him with a former army sergeant named Nathan McGillicutty who (is also a Pastor). While they both may squabble on many topics, they usually agree that during these troubled times, it’s the government that has our best interests at heart.


Jack: Adam’s son and Red's ex-boyfriend. Jack envisions a society that is free from the clutches of a corrupt government system that acts as the strongarm for their partners in big business. As an investigative journalist working in the alternative media, he disdains what he considers the no-substance approach of a reporters like Savoir Faire or his on air colleague Nathan McGillicutty.

He feels Faire is willing participant in the corporatist system. Jack’s vow is to make the population aware of the increasing level of state run propaganda and militarization which threatens their very existence. His current investigation is on the recent string of terrorist attacks



Elise: Red’s grandmother who raised her since she was a baby. Years ago, Elise converted her family home into a local day care center in which she and Red both helped maintain, until a series of tragic events took place.